College Program

College Program Students do not receive the financial benefits of a 4-Year NROTC Scholarship awardee, but may join the battalion to pursue a commission as a Navy or Marine Corps Officer.  College Program Students are fully integrated with the battalion and may be eligible to compete for various other NROTC Scholarships. The goal of the College Program is to help qualified Midshipmen earn a two or three-year scholarship, or Advanced Standing.

Two, Three-Year, and Advanced Standing Eligibility Requirements

Same basic requirements as the National scholarship with the following additional requirements:

  • Must have at least 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) but no more than 120 semester hours (180 quarter hours)*
  • Must have a minimum college GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Must be admitted to or in process of gaining admittance to a school affiliated with the Navy ROTC Unit from which they are being nominated

*College Programmers are encouraged to join the NROTC unit prior to obtaining 30 credit hours at their academic institution.

Joining the Notre Dame NROTC College Program

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