There are three primary paths to join NROTC Notre Dame which are a traditional 4-Year NROTC Scholarship, NROTC Preparatory Program (NPP), and College Program (current college students).

For enlisted personnel in the Navy or Marine Corps seeking to apply to the University of Notre Dame, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for further information.

To contact the Notre Dame NROTC Recruiting Officer, please refer to the Contact Page.

Students interested in joining the NROTC program may apply for the national 4-year scholarship or join as a College Program student.  Four-year scholarship applicants are awarded scholarships to NROTC-affiliated schools across the country and receive full tuition, a stipend for textbooks, and a subsistence allowance for each academic month. For students receiving alternate scholarships covering tuition, you will have the option to receive assistance for room and board (up to $11,500 per year) but will forgo tuition assistance.

Use the link above for more information on the 4-Year NROTC Scholarship. To start your application, click this link for more information.

For applicants seeking to conduct their Officer Candidate Interview, visit our Contact Page for further instructions.

The Presidential Naval ROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) Scholarship prepares midshipman candidates to succeed in the Naval ROTC curriculum. The University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College will provide tuition, fees, room & board for a one-year NROTC preparation program as Midshipmen Candidates at Holy Cross College.

The mission of the Notre Dame NROTC Preparatory Program is to provide students, who show great potential via grades, character, and extra-curricular activities but might lack standardized test scores or advanced high school courses, the educational foundation necessary for success in the NROTC program and Navy. The program’s objective is to expand NROTC scholarship opportunities by accessing this untapped talent and potential.

For more information on program requirements and application information, please use the link above.

College Program applicants are selected from students already attending or accepted by colleges with NROTC programs. For Notre Dame NROTC, this includes Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College students.

College Program students do not receive scholarships, but can join to pursue a career as a Navy or Marine Corps officer, and may have the opportunity to compete for a scholarship at a later date. For more information on College Program, use the link above.

Current Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel seeking to further their education and earn a commission are encouraged to reach out to the Notre Dame NROTC Recruiting Officer (Navy) or the Marine Officer Instructor (MOI)/Assistant Marine Officer Instructor (AMOI) respectively. Although we are not part of your formal application process we would love to answer any of your questions.

The Notre Dame Office of Military and Veterans Affairs is a great resource for enlisted personnel starting their application to Notre Dame.