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4-Year NROTC Scholarship

Please visit the following link to start your NROTC Application process and to view any applicable deadlines.


Please complete the following form. Once complete, the Notre Dame NROTC Recruiting Officer will reach out to you with further application instructions. For any inquiries, please visit our Contact Page to contact the Notre Dame NROTC Recruiting Officer.

The priority NPP application deadline is December 15th. Any applications after that date will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

College Program

Complete the following application and email it to For applicants applying before the summer prior to their freshman year, we will also send you to New Student Indoctrination (NSI) that summer. College Programmers need to fill out the NSI package and send it to Our unit will coordinate your NSI dates and travel. You can find the NSI package and more information at

The priority deadline for incoming freshmen College Progam applicants is May 15th. If you intend to join the Notre Dame NROTC unit and missed the deadline, enroll in Intro to Naval Science and contact the Notre Dame NROTC Recruiting Officer for further instruction. However, this will impact your chances of receiving a Sideload Scholarship in the future.

For current Tri-Campus students, you must complete the application process a month prior to your next semester’s course registration window.