Summer Training

Each summer, 4-Year Scholarship Midshipmen will participate in 4-6 weeks of professional training in the fleet to broaden their understanding of the Navy and Marine Corps and to aid in their service selection decision-making prior to commissioning.


Midshipmen completing their 4/C year will participate in CORTRAMID located in either Norfolk, VA, or San Diego, CA.  CORTRAMID is typically 4 weeks long.  One week is spent with each of the following communities to provide the student with real-life experience of each option available to them upon commissioning:  Surface Warfare community, Submarine community, Aviation community, and the Marine Corps.


Second Class Summer Training is conducted between the sophomore and junior academic years for all scholarship students. This at-sea training on surface ships and submarines furnishes midshipmen with basic shipboard orientation and an introduction to enlisted life and the roles of the work center supervisor. Sea Trials events fulfill the summer cruise requirement, but Midshipmen may request a second-class cruise in addition to Sea Trials. Second-Class midshipmen who did not participate in CORTRAMID as Third-Class Midshipmen may do so in lieu of Second-Class cruise if billets are available. Marine Option midshipmen shall attend an amphibious cruise or embed with USMC units.


First Class Summer Training is conducted between the junior and senior academic years for all First-Class NROTC midshipmen. The first-Class cruise provides exposure to the officer and wardroom environment and is executed in an at-sea training environment aboard a ship. First-Class Navy Option midshipmen may also opt for aviation, submarine, or Foreign Exchange Training for Midshipmen (FOREXTRAMID). When practicable the type of cruise should be aligned with the anticipated designator. Marine Option First-Class midshipmen attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Quantico, VA.