Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naval Leadership Weekend?

Naval Leadership Weekend is an annual event hosted by the Naval ROTC unit at the University of Notre Dame. The conference, now in its 29th consecutive year, is held in the spring semester and is organized by Notre Dame Midshipmen.

What events can I expect at NLW?

NLW is a symposium that consists of 6 leadership presentations with distinguished speakers, community breakout rooms with junior officers, signature Notre Dame extracurricular events, and a final keynote dinner and address on Saturday evening.

For a general timeline of events, please refer to the “2024 Conference” tab, but note that times are subject to change.

Who attends NLW?

Conference attendees include Midshipmen from NROTC units nationwide, staff members from these units, and the Midshipmen and staff from the University of Notre Dame, totaling approximately 250 Midshipmen from over 40 units. Each unit may send no more than four midshipmen and one staff member due to lodging constraints.

How much does NLW cost?

Find registration information for our 2024 NLW Conference here: Registration and Online Payment

What does that include?

When Naval Leadership Weekend is held in-person on Notre Dame’s campus, the registration fees cover lodging for all midshipmen for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, transportation to and from the South Bend airport (if needed), meals for visiting Midshipmen (lunches and keynote dinner only for staff), a challenge coin, and t-shirt.

How do attendees pay for the conference?

Each unit is different; however, it is common for Midshipmen and staff to have their expenses covered by department funding from their university or by unit funding. Some Midshipmen and staff cover all of their own expenses. Registration payments can be made by individuals or for a group, but be sure to specify all of the attendees’ names to be included in the payment.

Do you accept credit cards?

Payments can be made either by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for online payments. Check should be made payable to the University of Notre Dame and sent to the following address:

University of Notre Dame NROTC

Attention LT James Sciretta

213 Pasquerilla Center

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Credit card payments can be made using the link found underneath the “Registration” tab.

I need to do a check request to be able to pay the fees for the Annual Notre Dame Naval Leadership Weekend. What is the Tax ID Number for the unit?

The Tax ID Number for the unit is 35-0868188.

What should I pack?

  • Service Dress Blues, Alpha Dress Uniform, or university-specific Dress Uniform (including cover, neck tie/tab, insignia*, shoes, etc.)
  • Uniform trench coat and gloves (if available)
  • Note-taking gear
  • Civilian PT gear
  • Appropriate Civilian Attire (enough for three evenings)
  • Civilian coat, gloves, hat, and snow/rain boots
  • Unit Polo/t-shirt (recommended travel attire)
  • Bath Towel, Shower Shoes
  • Hygiene Gear (soap, shampoo, shaving gear, etc.)
  • Personal spending money (recommended)

BE ADVISED: Visiting Midshipmen should bring appropriate clothing for cold weather and possible snow as the weather in South Bend in February is snowy and cold.

* Insignia should include sleeve insignia, lapel insignia, and name plate. Unit medals and/or ribbons will NOT be worn for the conference.

Can I print off my boarding pass before I depart?

Yes. We will provide information for doing so prior to the end of the conference.

How should I prepare for the conference?

Most importantly, please read the biographies for all speakers once they are announced. You may find them online or in the brochure you will receive at check-in.

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