Incoming Midshipmen & College Program Applicants

Once accepted by one of our Tri-Campus Affiliates and accepted into the NROTC program please visit this page for important updates and information. Expect to move into your respective institution’s dormitory earlier than the rest of the student body. This is to accommodate our Battalion Reconstitution in which our unit will integrate incoming Midshipmen and Midshipmen Candidates with the rest of the Battalion.

New Student Indoctrination

If you are assigned to our unit, we will contact you with your orders for NSI along with airfare travel information within the week before you are expected to depart for NSI.

In order for our unit to create your travel profile in the Defense Travel System and to book your travel, you must fill out and send us your Bank Deposit Sign-Up Form (listed below).

Battalion Reconstitution (Fall 2023)

Early move-in requests have been made on your behalf for August 16th 2023, please wait for confirmation before planning your travel arrangements. Battalion Reconstitution will take place on August 17th. Guest are invited to the Swearing-In Ceremony at 1330 (1:30 PM) located at Carey Auditorium R. 107 (1st Floor of the Hesburgh Library). Please revisit this page regularly for more up-to-date information.

Physical Fitness Standards

Navy Option

Marine Option

Academic Standards

Documents for Review

Please review the following documents prior to your arrival at Battalion Reconstitution. The forms will be completed during your administrative in-processing.

All Incoming Midshipmen

Scholarship Midshipmen Only

College Program Only

Marine Option Only

Required Documents

Please fill out the following forms and submit them prior to your arrival at Battalion Reconstitution. Do not sign the forms as they will be reviewed, signed, and witnessed during your administrative in-processing. Initial and sign the Notre Dame NROTC Administrative Checklist as you submit the required documents. Check your email for instructions on how to submit these forms.

Notre Dame NROTC Administrative Checklist

Scholarship Midshipmen Only

Required Medical Information