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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Naval Leadership Weekend?

Naval Leadership Weekend is an annual midshipmen leadership conference held at the University of Notre Dame during the spring semester run by Notre Dame midshipmen. 2014 will be the 19th consecutive year of NLW.


What events can I expect at NLW?

NLW consists of 6 leadership symposia with distinguished speakers, a focused panel discussion, ethical decision games, numerous extracurricular team-building activities, and a final keynote dinner on Saturday evening.


Who typically attends NLW?

Each conference involves midshipmen from NROTC units nationwide, staff members from these units, and the midshipmen and staff from the University of Notre Dame. The number of staff and midshipmen from each unit is not limited, and generally ranges from 1-10 representatives from each unit. The total number of midshipmen, however, is 125, due to lodging constraints.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. The University requires a 10% surcharge for campus organizations wishing to conduct electronic funds transfers. Since we want to keep Naval Leadership Weekend as affordable as possible, we thought that the postage cost of a stamped enveloped was a better option than charging an extra $20.00 for each Midshipman registration.


I need to do a check request to be able to pay the fees for the Annual Notre Dame Naval Leadership Weekend. What is the Tax ID Number for the unit?
The Tax ID Number for the unit is 35-0868188.


What should I pack?

  • Service Dress Blues
  • Civilian PT gear 
  • Appropriate Civilian Attire
  • Unit Polo/t-shirt 
  • Bath Towel, Shower Shoes
  • Hygiene Gear (soap, shampoo, shaving gear, etc.)

Writing gear will be provided by Notre Dame NROTC. Visiting MIDN are advised to bring appropriate clothing for cold weather as temperatures in South Bend are low in February. Personal spending money is also recommended, but not required.



Have a question that isn't answered here? Please email the NLW staff at nlw@nd.edu

Fighting for the Ethical Use of Technology

Enhanced soldiers. Autonomous weapons systems. Ever-present surveillance. While these technologies hold great potential, it is critical to stop and address the question of when and how these new advancements should be used.