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Naval Leadership Weekend Cancellation Policy

  • Refunds will not be given to individuals or units who decide not to attend after Wednesday, 01 February 2017.
  • Units may change the names of their attendees (but not their number of attendees) until 15 February. Because rooms have already been assigned, all changes must be of the same gender from this point onward.

Inclement Weather

  • If persistent, severe weather conditions exist at Notre Dame, the decision to cancel or delay the conference will be made NLT 1700 East Coast time on Wednesday, 22 February. All attendees will be contacted by e-mail and phone.
    • In the event that the entire conference is cancelled, any recoverable costs will be refunded within one month of the conference. (Note that individuals or individual units who decide not to attend due to weather will NOT be issued a refund.)
  • If your travel plans are delayed or cancelled, please contact MIDN Karlin ASAP at (303) 720-3752.
    • Shuttles will be provided to South Bend arrival locations regardless of arrival time. If your connection from Chicago to South Bend is cancelled, please contact MIDN Karlin for assistance in finding alternate travel arrangements.
  • If your travel is cancelled or delayed on Sunday, 26 February, please contact MIDN Karlin to arrange additional accommodations.

Please refer any questions regarding travel or our cancellation policy to MIDN Karlin at nlw@nd.edu or (303) 720-3752.

Notre Dame Campus in the Fall

Shown here is an aerial view depicting the northern end of Notre Dame's picturesque campus. The famous Main Building (known as the Golden Dome) is flanked, on the left, by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and smaller Washington Hall on the right with St. Mary's Lake visible in the background. For more photos of Notre Dame's campus, please visit the University's Online Campus Tour.