Life as a Midshipman

Students in the NROTC program at Notre Dame are, in many regards, very much like ordinary college students – they live in dorms, socialize with friends, participate in extracurriculars and athletics, and attend class with their fellow Notre Dame, Holy Cross, or Saint Mary’s classmates. However, unlike their peers, Midshipmen in the NROTC program undertake additional commitments in order to prepare them for careers as officers in the Navy or Marine Corps.

In addition to academics, Midshipmen in the NROTC program at Notre Dame are required to participate in the following events each week:

  • Naval Science Class

In addition to a normal course load, Midshipmen take a class in Naval Science each semester.
  • Physical Training (PT)

Two mornings a week before classes, the NROTC Battalion assembles for an hour-long PT session. Marine Option midshipmen have three additional PT sessions each week.  Once a semester, midshipmen are tested on their physical fitness capabilities.
Navy Option midshipmen take the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) which consists of push-ups, curl-ups, and a 1.5-mile run.
Marine Options midshipmen take the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) which consists of pull-ups, curl-ups, and a 3-mile run.
  • Drill/Laboratory Period

Each week the NROTC Battalion attends a two-hour-long professional development session known as “Drill”.  During this time, midshipmen may receive briefings from guest lecturers, participate in leadership scenarios, or practice close order marching.
  • Sports & Extracurricular Activities

While not required, students are encouraged to participate in sports and extracurriculars that fit into their schedules in addition to their NROTC requirements.  For example, current midshipmen in the battalion are members of varsity sports teams, student government, interhall athletics, community service organizations, glee club, and the Notre Dame marching band.  Additionally, midshipmen are encouraged to take part in NROTC-associated extracurricular activities such as the drill team or Commander’s Cup athletics teams.