Commissioning and Careers

The NROTC program is designed to commission officers into the Unrestricted Line communities listed below. Midshipmen who successfully complete the NROTC program at Notre Dame will be commissioned as Ensigns or 2nd Lieutenants in the Navy or Marine Corps during graduation weekend.

United States Marine Corps

The Marine Corps has been an integral part of the Naval Service for more than 230 years and is renowned world-over for its leadership, determination, and loyalty. Marines have earned their reputation as the most effective fighting force in the world operating in the air, on land and on the sea. Once awarded a scholarship, the Marine Corps offers guarenteed contracts in Aviation, Law and Cyber Warfare.

Naval Aviation

The Aviation Warfare Community consists of pilots and Naval Flight Officers (NFOs). Pilots and NFOs are trained to fly and operate the weapon systems of naval aircraft.

Surface Warfare

The Surface Warfare Community is composed of officers who are qualified in the surface warfare specialty, who man the surface ships of the Navy and whose goal is to command those ships.

Submarine Warfare

The fundamental goal of the nuclear trained submarine officer is to develop the professional skills and operational background to command a nuclear submarine.

Special Warfare

The newly commissioned officer may elect to pursue a career in Special Warfare (SPECWAR). SPECWAR Officers concentrate on the development of skills in the areas of unconventional warfare, counter-insurgency, coastal and riverine interdiction, and tactical intelligence collection.

Special Operations

Special Operations (SPECOPS) provides a sustained, progressive, cost effective, and ready capability in four functional areas: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Diving and Salvage (D&S), Expendable Ordnance Management (EOM), and Mine Countermeasures (MCM).

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