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If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Naval officer through the NROTC program at Notre Dame, then this website will help answer some of your questions and guide you through the process.

What is Notre Dame NROTC?

Over 100 students, called “Midshipmen,” at the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, and Saint Mary’s College train and prepare for future careers as Navy and Marine Corps officers.

Our midshipmen have additional required commitments but are able to strike a balance between military discipline and life as a normal college student. To prepare our midshipmen, we focus on academics, leadership, physical fitness, and community involvement.

Academic excellence is paramount to the success of each midshipman and our students are held to a higher standard. Additionally, midshipmen are taught key leadership traits and are given the opportunity to lead their peers.

Each year, NROTC Notre Dame hosts a weekend conference in the spring called Naval Leadership Weekend where NROTC units from across the country join us to participate. Our midshipmen also participate regularly in physical fitness to maintain healthy lifestyles and lead more effectively. Lastly, we encourage community involvement through various community service opportunities throughout the year.

Application Information:

Please visit the link above to view the requirements to join NROTC.

Students interested in joining the NROTC program may apply for the national 4-year scholarship or join as a College Program student.  Four-year scholarship applicants are awarded scholarships to NROTC affiliated schools across the country and receive full tuition or room and board (up to $11,500 per year), a stipend for textbooks, and a subsistence allowance for each academic month. 

The Presidential Naval ROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) Scholarship prepares midshipman candidates to succeed in the Naval ROTC curriculum. The University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College will provide tuition, fees, room & board for a one-year NROTC preparation program as Midshipmen Candidates at Holy Cross College. After

College Program applicants are selected from students already attending or accepted by colleges with NROTC programs. College Program students do not receive scholarships, but can join to pursue a career as a Navy or Marine Corps officer, and may have the opportunity to compete for a scholarship at a later date.

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