Squad Description

Alpha Company

A1-1 (Social Outreach): Manages the battalion’s public presence though photographing events and sharing/distributing these across various outlets. The squad leader needs to organize all of the tasks, including social media posts and photography opportunities by delegating them among the members of the squad.

A1-2 (Sponsorship): Promotes the battalion’s presence, interacts with prospective students and manages communication with those who reach out to the battalion. The squad leader needs to organize all of these tasks among the squad as well as schedule outreach opportunities.

A2-1 (Irish Pennant): Publishes the Irish Pennant each semester. The squad leader needs to outline overall goals for the publication, identify target dates for page completion, and assign squad members to pages.

A2-2 (Irish Wake): Publishes the Irish Wake, the unit’s annual yearbook, every year. Similar to the Pennant squad leader, this squad leader needs to outline overall goals for the publication, identify target dates for page completion, and assign squad members to pages.

Bravo Company

B1-1 (Naval Leadership Weekend/NLW): Organizes the annual Naval Leadership Weekend held in February.  This tasks involves reaching out to speakers, other NROTC units, on-campus organizations, and off-campus organizations to ensure that NLW provides helpful information to all attendees.  The squad leader works closely with their platoon commander and active-duty company advisor to accomplish this very important task.

B1-2 (Ship’s Store): The Ship’s Store Squad produces unique battalion apparel each semester. The squad gauges interest in particular items, creates mock-up designs, submits these designs for approval, and finally sets up the order for the battalion. In addition, the squad is responsible for maintaining the consumable items such as snacks and coffee in the Wardroom and general organization of the Battalion Office.

B2-1 (Grogan Society): The Grogan Society has two primary functions: attending discussions put on by the Notre Dame International Security Center (and other talks at squad leader’s discretion) and putting on MWR (morale, wellness, and recreation) events for the battalion.  The squad leader coordinates all of these trips and ensures their smooth operation and debrief to the battalion.

B2-2 (Club Sponsorship): Club Sponsorship Squad supports MIDN-led clubs within the battalion. Club Sponsorship aids clubs in scheduling, deconflicting space use, budgeting, and general event brainstorming. A Club Sponsorship squad member does not necessarily have to be a member of the club they are tasked to sponsor, but can walk alongside each as a project to facilitate to the best of their ability. MIDN of the battalion at large can come to Club Sponsorship with an idea and the squad will work with that MIDN to establish that club or group, get an advisor as needed, and move forward exploring their interests. While the Club Sponsorship Squad will advocate for each club, the ultimate success of a club resides with the members of that club. The squad leader is responsible for supervising the progress of each club and keeping an official record. The squad leader will assist the squad members with ideas and solutions as needed, ensuring that all clubs have the necessary tools to achieve their goals and can promote the development of well-rounded leaders in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Charlie Company

C1-1 (History): Organizes weekly history briefs that are then given by fellow midshipmen.  History squad has also worked with alumni outreach to keep NROTC graduates involved with the battalion.

C1-2 (Trident Naval Society/TNS): TNS is the primary service organization for the Notre Dame NROTC battalion.  They put on major charity events and fundraisers over the course of the year and work with local organizations to offer service opportunities for all midshipmen in the battalion.  The squad leader must work with upper-level battalion leadership, other on-campus organizations, and off-campus organizations to ensure that all events run smoothly.

C2-1 and C2-2 (Special Events): Both special events squads work together to put on all other major battalion events, namely the Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball in the fall and Dining-In and Warrior Night in the spring.  The squad leaders work  directly with their platoon commander to assign specific tasks and coordinate with outside organizations.