Billet Description

The “Big 6”

BCO: The Battalion Commanding Officer is the leader of the battalion, responsible for setting goals for the battalion’s midshipmen and overseeing the progress throughout the semester.  They are responsible for representing the unit to the NROTC active duty staff as well as to the university. They maintain a record of midshipmen achievements through the semester such as Honor Company and Midshipman of the Week.

BXO: The Battalion Executive Officer is directly responsible for the administrative and disciplinary aspect of the battalion. They are second in command to the Battalion Commanding Officer, and enforce accountability, discipline, and performance by way of the battalion staff and the active duty staff.

BOPS: The Battalion Operations Officer holds the essential role of the logistics officer for the battalion. They are responsible for maintaining resources for the battalion to stay updated on battalion events, deadlines, and more. They work directly with the Battalion Commanding Officer and the Battalion Executive Officer.

Company Commanders (x3): Similar to how the “Big 3” consists of the BCO, BXO, and BOPS, the “Medium 3” consists of the three company commanders.  They oversee and assist in the execution of the individual duties of each squad. The CO is aware of the duties and responsibilities of the different squads and platoons to ensure that the leaders of those respective teams have the abilities and resources to accomplish their missions. 

Company Staff

Company XO: The Company Executive Officer reports directly to their Company Commander and BXO. The MIDN in this role is responsible for the administrative duties of the company. This includes promoting good order and discipline and maintaining company accountability at all battalion events.

Platoon Commander: The Platoon Commander reports directly to the company CO. The MIDN in this role is responsible for distributing information from higher authority, overseeing the conduct of the platoon, and managing each squad.

Squad Leader: The squad leader reports to their platoon commander. The MIDN in this role is responsible for distributing information to their squad, assigning tasks, and managing each squad.  Because each squad has such different responsibilities, each squad leader position challenges MIDN in unique ways to include graphic design, social media outreach, organizational upkeep, and event planning.  

Auxiliary Staff

BSM/BCMC: The Battalion Sergeant Major (if held by a Marine Option) or Battalion Command Master Chief’s (if held by a Navy Option) works with the BXO to ensure full battalion accountability at all mandatory battalion events as well as to enforce disciplinary measures when needed.  It is the BSM/BCMC’s responsibility to maintain the daily order, discipline, and accountability that is needed for the battalion to function.

SuppO: The Battalion Supply Officer is responsible for the development of a semesterly budget and the oversight and record-keeping of the battalion checking account used to pay for various events (Navy Marine Corps Birthday Ball and Warrior Night) and other miscellaneous expenses.

BCFL: The Battalion Command Fitness Leader is tasked with supervising the overall health and fitness of all Midshipmen within the Battalion. They will work closely with the Active Duty Unit Staff CFL to coordinate physical training.

BAO: The Battalion Academics Officer is responsible for ensuring that all midshipmen remain in good academic standing in fulfillment of the terms of the ROTC scholarship and remain on track to meet all academic requirements prior to both graduation and commissioning.

Color Guard Team Leader: While not an official battalion leadership position, the Color Guard Team Leaders are most often 3/C MIDN appointed by the BSM/BCMC with the basic function of instructing and leading new 4/C MIDN as they learn how to be a part of a Color Guard Team.